Hiking on Vashon Island

Hiking on Vashon Island has never been as fun as it is now. We have so many trails through the woods and on the beach that it’s hard to complete them all. Vashon Island has some great hikes that will soothe the soul. Take the ferry over and get away for the day. We have some great hike maps, just shoot us a note and we will send them over.

Hiking on Vashon: Where to Fuel Up

While hiking on Vashon Island

Where to get hiking gear on Vashon Island.

(shoes, poles, parkas etc)

Fern Cove Hike

Fisher Pond Hike

Borrow Pit, North Trail and Jack’s Trail Loop Hike

Fern Hill Trail 188th Loop Hike

Grinder Loop Hike

Judd Creek Trail Loop Hike

Vashon Nature Preserve Loop Hike

Burton Access Loop Hike

Vashon Beach Walk Hike

Maury Island Viewpoint Trail Hike

Maury Island Natural Area Loop Hike

Shenglemill Creek Trail Hike

The Shinglemill Creek Trail offers a gorgeous trek through the forest along the ridge of the ravine overlooking Needlecreek then descending to become a path along the creek’s edge of Shinglemill until it empties into the estuary at Fern Cove. A great hike! Nothing like the sound of running water while you are hiking in nature.

No horses or bikes allowed. Leashed dogs are welcome on the trail.

The southeast end trailhead is off of SW 156th St across the street from the Vashon Winery. Turn west off of Vashon Hwy onto 156th. Look for Shinglemill Creek Trail sign about 1/4 mile on the right. Turn into driveway and go to the parking lot at the end. The trek is a shy 2 miles one way down to the estuary at Fern Cove which is reached by crossing Cedarhurst Rd at the lower end of the trail and continuing on the spur to the west.

The northwest end trailhead is on Cedarhurst Rd SW marked by a trail sign at a gate just south and down the hill from the entrance to Fern Cove. Parking is limited with room for 3 cars to pull off the road at the gate.



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