Biking on Vashon Island

Page for Biking on Vashon Island. Below are some links to some of Vashon Island bike shops and rentals. Biking on Vashon Island is awesome. The quiet, tree lined roads make for a great day or weekend trip.

Biking Map of Vashon Island. Explore Vashon. Daytrips

Where are the best places to stop and get a bite to eat?
Where should I park to ride my bike on the island?
Biker friendly restaurants

Vashon Bikes

Vashon Island BIkes located in Burton on Vashon Island Washington.

Spider’s Ski and Sports

Vashon Island Kayak rentals at Spider's Ski and Sports

Vashon Island E-Bikes

Vashon Island ebikes

Vashon Adventures

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